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Gators at the lighthouse
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Gator Options

MedicalGators are EMT ready and available for rental at outdoor events.


Rear Seating & Storage

Adjustable rear attendant seat and large storage compartment for medical supplies, equipment, cardiac monitors, etc....

Emergency Lights

Emergency lights alert bystanders and crowds.

Slide-out Tray

Allows quick and easy access to medical supplies.

How we work

We offer on-call service tailored to the convenience of our customers.


We make sure our equipment is maintained to the highest standards.


We deliver on time, every time.


We provide professional, friendly service to every customer.

rental fees

Rental fees vary, based on the number of days rented, delivery and pick up location, special requests and/or custom options. Contact us for details.


Delivery & pick up fees are determined based on mileage from North Andover, MA.


A full tank of gas is included with delivery. 


Driving a MedicalGator is just like driving a car. 


Drivers must be age 21+ with a valid driver's license.


Special feature/operating instructions will be provided to customers upon delivery.

Renter may need additional damage/liability insurance during the rental period.


contact us

Please contact us with questions or to discuss scheduling and other details.


Send us a message.


Call us: 978.821.5229


We welcome questions respond to all inquiries promptly.



Rapid Response Medical Gators (RRMG)

Founded by veteran firefighter and EMT – Jeff Crosby of Haverhill, MA, RRMG provides customized emergency medical response all-terrain-vehicles for large-scale events such as road races, triathlons, marathons, parades, fairs, and more.   



"As a firefighter and EMT, I've seen first-hand the difference early treatment and transport can make in a medical emergency. When care is delayed, the patient suffers. Maneuvering through crowds, navigating barriers, and dealing with off-road conditions can be hazardous for traditional emergency vehicles. I knew there was a better way."  ~Jeff Crosby 

Founder of Rapid Response

Medical Gators, LLC.


Firefighter, EMT, & Senior Fire Investigator, North Andover, MA


Hometown: North Andover, MA.  Living in Haverhill, MA


Certified EMT-B (since 2001)


American Heart Association: CPR/BLS Instructor


Co-owner Mobile Medical Outfitters.


Emergency medical response team for the Boston Marathon and 40+ road races and athletic events along the east coast.

Custom emergency medical response ATVs for large-scale events.